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Cloud Computing Services Worthing. Professional cloud management, server virtualisation and application streaming.

Cut the cost of server maintenance and improve resilience by renting one of our Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Our virtual servers run in state of the art datacentres with no single point of failure and 1Gbps internet connectivity to offer blistering performance from as little as £19.99 per month!

If you are new to cloud computing why not give us a call and our server virtualisation experts can talk you through the process and help you make informed choices.

Using application streaming technology you can install applications on your cloud computer and stream them to your desktop as if they were installed on your local machine. Work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection! If your office suffers a disaster such as a water main bursting or workman cutting through power cables in the street you can quickly be back up and running in a new temporary office or even work from home safe in the knowledge that your valuable data and servers are protected by our leading edge server virtualisation technology.

Our servers are used for many business critical applications across a diverse range of companies so why not get in touch and see what we can do to protect and enhance your server infrastructure.

If you require any advice or consultancy on server virtualisation or application streaming, one of our web developers in Worthing will be only too happy to discuss your needs and explain how our solutions can help your business.

Worthing Web Design offers a whole range of Cloud Computing Services. We can assist your business with any of the following:

  • SOA, SaaS
  • General cloud computing queries
  • Mobile cloud computing
  • Windows cloud solutions
  • Google cloud
  • Grid computing
  • Our Custom Cloud services
  • Cloud storage Cloud hosting
  • Cloud security
  • Cloud server and cloud hosting solutions
  • Other Cloud service
  • Private cloud setup
  • Your cloud software options
  • Cloud management services
  • And of course cloud backup

Whether you are a private individual or business, we are here to offer consultancy, cloud services and professional advice on our comprehensive range of cloud services, from our web design company in Worthing. Click here for web hosting Worthing.